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The four letter word ‘life’ is all powerful though life may simply mean the experience of being alive. In other words, life is the course of existence for a living thing. Therefore, your life isn’t complete within the 1000 sq. ft. area of a compact luxury home in Kanakapura. Maybe you spent your life’s savings to own a place so that you could spend some quality time in the proximity of your family and friends. Having said that, we mean your life isn’t complete without those who care for you. So, when you plan to buy a home, always look for the following attributes.

Transport facility

img2The distance between a property and the nearest airport or the railway station also matters since you would by default need to go out of a city for the business or for a personal travel. Frequent travellers can connect to the observation better. Do choose a home that is well connected by all means such as rail, road, and air. It is important to mention here that Kanakapura is being connected with the metro rail service and it just 45 minutes – 1 hour’s journey to reach the Bangalore Airport or the railway station.

Architectural nuances of the property

Architectural nuances of a building hold the key to its value in terms of living comfort as well as the value appreciation of the same in the near future. For instance, if a property isn’t airy and well lighted, chances are high that you face difficulty to find a buyer in the future. Therefore, do check the architecture of a property before buying. Besides, it is said that Vaastu compliant properties bring fortune and health.

Parks and entertainment places

Chunchy FallsParks and places of interests such as museums, malls and multiplexes, street shopping do play a pivotal role for living at a place. On Kanakapura Road, you will see a lot of opportunities for unwinding at the parks, resorts, eating joints and natural falls like Mekedaatu Falls and Chunchi Falls.

Sporting activities

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. Therefore, the opportunity to hang out at the sporting facilities adds up to the spices of life. These facilities offer a unique opportunity for stress bursting as well as exercising. For instance, it has many sports clubs such as Urban Valley (24×7 adventure sports centre), Super Park Sports, Match Day, V.K. Sports, Action Sports for unwinding.

Clutter free living

Bilikal Rangaswamy BettaClutter free living adds a dimension to one’s life. Everyday din and bustle of a city life take away one’s mental equilibrium. Thus, a clutter free living helps to regain the balance. It allows fantasies to go wild thereby rejuvenates people to youthfulness. You will be happy to know that Kanakapura road is just 36 km away from the Bangalore City and it is surrounded by lush greens, hills, hillocks, and natural falls.

Education facility

Education facility in and around Kanakapura is superb. According to a report in Times of India, nearly 1.8 lakh students across the states come here for higher studies. Even the foreign students come here for studying. Therefore, Kanakapura and its adjoining areas offer world-class learning opportunities in diverse fields such as law, management, humanities, and engineering to name a few. Indian Institutes of Management (IIM), St. Hopkins College, Indian Institute of Science (IISc), Swiss Graduate School of Management, M.S. Ramaiah University of Applied Science, Visvesvaraya Technological University, Manipal University, Symbiosis International University, and ISBR Business School to name a few here. The best part with these institutions is that they provide world-class learning opportunity at a very affordable price and admission isn’t that tough.

Environment-friendly surroundings

eco-fHomes surrounded by greens are environment-friendly. Residing there one can have the proximity to Mother Nature. According to a study of psychology, green colour palpably balances between emotions and heart thereby maintains an equilibrium between the head and heart. Besides, green colour is an emotionally positive colour.

Medical services

Kanakapura has many renowned healthcare clinics and hospitals in the vicinity. For instance, Narayana Hrudalaya, Fortis Healthcare, Sri Jayadeva Institute of Cardiovascular Sciences and Research, and Vikram Hospital.

The compact luxury homes in Bangalore and Kanakapura, in particular, has got a new name with HM Crescendo.


HM Crescendo CoolestCLH


Sarjapur Road 2On the south-eastern part of Bangalore, Sarjapur road has emerged as one of the hot destinations for real estate. Given the stature of the City of Bangalore – the Silicon Valley of India, Sarjapur road apartments have been evolving with time. In fact, Sarjapur road real estate market has graduated from a mere mid level market. As such, finding a happy nook in Bangalore has found a new address – Sarjapur road.

In other words, the Sarjapur road development plan has been successful to attract many investments such as the Sarjapur road WIPRO. Infosys too is investing in Sarjapur road area. However, experts opine that the proximity of the Sarjapur Outer Ring Road has been instrumental in the Sarjapur road area.

Why choose Sarjapur

Ejipura to Koramangala elevated expressway

EjipuraThe proposed 2.4 km long elevated expressway between Ejipura to Koramangala promises to reduce the travel time substantially from Sarjapur road to the other important destinations of Bangalore. The flyover will have four lanes and a two-way traffic with an exit ramp towards Sarjapur road.

Additionally, the flyover will have an entry ramp from the Sarjapur-Hosur road junction. From the Checkpost and Krupanidhi junction, another ramp location of 100-ft. long has been proposed by The Koramangala Task Force that would be a bonanza to the traffic from the Sarjapur road. All those put together construes that when you choose Sarjapur road as the address for your happy nook, you have reasons to smile especially from the point of view of the traffic snarls.

Outer Ring Road Stretch

Outer Ring Road Sarjapur116 km long peripheral Outer Ring Road is being built in a phased manner with an estimated cost of INR 9600 crore. In the first phase, it will connect Sarjapur with Tumkur road and Hosur road via Bellary road. This, in turn, will facilitate the traffic movement from north to the east of Bangalore. As a matter of fact, daily hopping from Sarjapur road to Electronic City will become easy.

Multiple Choice


Sarjapur road has a bouquet of offers in terms of the real estate properties and their price. Builders from all over India have been developing properties there. In other words, you can buy a home on Sarjapur road within your budget. However, the Concord Tower @ HM Symphony is poised to make a difference to your life there.


Premium Apartments

Upscale apartments and villas have been coming up on Sarjapur road. Therefore, you can find your type of apartment/villa there for sure. So, when you choose Sarjapur road as your home address, you by default save time and money searching for homes here and there all throughout the City of Bangalore.  

Superior Connectivity


With the Ejipura-Koramangala elevated expressway, you can be doubly sure about the superior connectivity of Sarjapur road with the rest of Bangalore. Besides, you can reach the Bangalore International Airport by road in just 52 minutes and the distance between the two is 38 km only. You can reach at the Bangalore International Airport via NH44.

SEZ (Special Economic Zone)

You will find SEZ on Sarjapur road. Infosys is coming up there soon with a SEZ of 202 acres. At Attibele Sarjapur, Azim Premji Foundation will create a world class university and for this, it has acquired 80 acres there. ELCOT is developing another Bagalur IT park spread over 174 acres on the Bagalur-Hosur road.

The points discussed above aren’t inclusive. Things like the Sarjapur road restaurants and hotels on Sarjapur road contribute to a fine dining and a perfect day out while the Sarjapur police station takes care of the safety and security of the area. Visit the Concord Tower @ HM Symphony project on Sarjapur road today that is coming up with G+ 30 apartments with the impeccable features of luxury apartments.


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Kanakapura – Your Dream Destination in Bangalore!

Kanakapura - your dream destination in Bangalore 2Kanakapura – Your Dream Destination in Bangalore!

They dream is not what you see when your eyes are closed. Here, a dream refers to the imaginative thoughts that one gets indulged in while awake. In other words, it’s more about the fantasies than the reality. However, Kanakapura town is an exception. Confused? Hang on, we shall take you through a panoramic view of the town and you will feel proud of being a home owner there.

Key Places of Interest in and around Kanakapura

Bilikal Rangaswamy Betta

Bilikal Rangaswamy Betta is a hill near the Kanakapura town and it’s popularly called Bilikal Betta for the whitish rocks at its summit visible from a long distance. Bangalore is about 70 km from this place. Under a huge granite rock, there is a temple at the top dedicated to Lord Ranganathaswamy. People with a knack for biking will find this place interesting situated at a height of 3,780 feet. Visitors opine that biking is the best way to reach the top.

However, the area falls under the conservation law and it’s a shrub forest. You can find midsize wildlife animals such as elephants roaming around. Visitors can have a panoramic view of the adjoining areas such as the hillocks of Kanakapura from the top. Hiking isn’t permitted by the Forest Department and anyone desirous for it has to seek a permission from the said department in Bannerghatta.


It is a good place for a day trip and located along the River Kaveri in Kanakapura Taluk. Interestingly, Mekedatu means goat’s leap in Kannada and the name has its origin from an old incident believed to have been witnessed by some herdsmen. A goat was chased by a tiger and the goat leaped over the gorge in a desperate bid to save its life. However, the tiger didn’t attempt this and gave up. The point from where the goat leaped has widened by the ferocious flow of the Kaveri water. According to the folklore, the goat (meke) was Lord Shiva in disguise.

Shivanasamudra Falls is here in the upstream of River Kaveri. You can see a hydroelectric power station that was established way back in 1902. In short, one can feel the touch of history here. Mekedatu is approximately in a distance of 130 km from Kanakapura. On the way to Mekedatu, you get to see Galibore Fishing Camp.

Chunchi Falls

It is deemed as one of the most beautiful falls of Karnataka and visitors are to pass through a narrow muddy path full of rocks. You have to reach the vantage point here to have a panoramic view of the Chunchi Falls and its surroundings. This is not a place to try swimming due to the presence of crocodiles and strong underwater current. Swimming is also prohibited here. The best time of visiting is August to February and the visiting hour is 8 AM to 5 PM. On your way to Chunchi, you can have some quick bites available at the makeshift stalls on the Kanakapura Road.

4D Disney Land Park

On Vaikuntha hillock, this park is coming up themed around the life of Lord Krishna. Disneyland California has been the guiding principle for the park. It is a natural park that’s getting a facelift with the technology.

Krishna Rao Park

It’s a garden just a stone throw’s away from the famous Lalbagh Garden. It’s a perfect place for a family outing. Kids can enjoy many events here such as Tree Walks, Storey Telling, games, and yoga.      

Spiritual Centres

Spiritual centres like Art of Living Ashram, Pyramid Valley International, ISKCON Sri  Jagannath Mandir, and Meenakshi Sunderashwar draw a good number of tourists all throughout the year.


It is the confluence of Akravati with Kaveri in the three and a half kilometre downstream from Mekedatu. People willing to visit Mekedatu has to pass through this place. A word of caution is not to try diving here as the riverbed is full of rocks and the water is also shallow.

The town Kanakapura owes its name to the fort named ‘Kanakapura’ that was built by Jagadeva Raya. In short, the town has many attractions for living in the compact luxury homes.




At the end of a day’s hard work, you would want to retire in a happy nook that can either be a rental property or the one owned by you. But, the crux is that with the passing time and age, you want to settle in life. The thought of owning a place and to live there goes overboard though we find the same quite rational here especially with the spiralling prices of the real estate properties throughout the world.

Today, buying a home isn’t about owning a place alone. It’s an investment that will give you handsome returns all throughout your life. For instance, you can earn a handsome money through rentals and at the same time, you can dispose the property at your convenience for a good return on the investment that you made at the time of its purchase. In short, you have to take an informed decision on renting vs home ownership. We offer some points to ponder here that you may find congenial and helpful to your purpose.

No Liability Shelter

home rentWhen you go for apartments rental or rental homes, you essentially create a shelter for you the ownership of which rests with somebody else. As a matter of fact, you have no liability of keeping the structures and others of the property well maintained. All that you need is to pay rent on time and enjoy your stay there. In other words, you create a zero liability shelter for you and your family except for the payment of rent. Thus, a rental house in Bangalore may sound a lucrative option to you especially when you have no plan to settle there and this is very much common among those who are in Bangalore for quite some time for the job.

Incremental Cost

Incremental CostYou will be surprised to realise that rental homes vs hotels virtually have no difference. In both the cases, you have to bear with the incremental cost with time. For instance, hotels keep revising room rent from time to time and so goes with the landlord who revises the rent amount after a fixed period by entering into a fresh rent agreement with you.

Interest Cost

arrowinterestratesWhen you buy a home, you are to take a dip into your past savings and also take loans from the financial institutions such as banks. Taking loans come with the precondition of paying interest on the borrowed capital. Simultaneously, you are also to pay the borrowed capital in the equated monthly instalments (EMI) over a fixed period. In other words, you decision to own a house, drags you into some financial commitments that you always may not be comfortable to bear with it. Therefore, buying a home can destabilise you financially and can rob off your peace of mind.

Tax and Others

TaxOwning a home and paying the EMI give you some rebate on your net taxable income. In other words, had you not taken the loan, you would have to pay more income tax to the government. On the flip side, when you own a home, you are to pay for the property tax to the authorities such as the municipal corporation on which you don’t get any tax rebate.
Maintenance Cost
Wear and tear are natural with every asset. Your home is no different. In other words, you need to maintain your home regularly with the activities like cleaning, repairing, and painting. In other words, with the ownership of a home, the maintenance cost becomes a part of your yearly expenditure plan.

Wealth Creation
Money Home

Your home is an invaluable asset that you can cash anytime in your life with a hefty premium. Take a look at the soaring real estate prices worldwide, you will have a fair idea on this. We would, therefore, advise you to go for owning a home even when you don’t need one in a city where you are currently staying.

The decision to own a house or not is purely your call. We have just presented a few thoughts on them. However, the Concord Tower @ HM Symphony in Sarjapur road Bangalore definitely has something unique that can earn good dividends for you in the near future.

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THE BEACONING INTERNATIONALThough the World Health Report 2000 ranks India’s healthcare at the 112th place out of the 190 countries around the globe, since then much water has flowed under the bridge especially after P.M. Narendra Modi assuming the office. Today, India is brimming with the state-of-the-art facilities especially in cities like Bangalore where many medical tourists are making a beeline for the critical treatment and care. The USP (Unique Selling Proposition) of the medical facilities in Bangalore is that they are at par with the international standards yet affordable.

You will be happy to know that there is no dearth of world-class healthcare facilities in Bangalore. According to a report of InterNations (a trusted guide for the expats working in different countries around the world), “…the private healthcare sector in Bangalore is very much geared towards affluent locals, wealthy expats, and medical tourists. With a good health insurance package, you should have no troubles getting the treatment you require…India in general is becoming an increasingly popular destination for medical tourists, numerous highly specialized private clinics have opened in recent years, offering world-class treatment and care to those who can afford it.”


Global Standard

TraetmentHealthcare facilities in Bangalore have a distinct advantage when it comes to the global standard. Compared to the cost of living during the treatment and the healthcare facilities available in some other European countries, for instance, the cost of accommodation and living while undergoing treatment in Bangalore is cheap. It means a patient can avail the best healthcare services that his/her money can buy right here.

Affordable Treatment and Care

Care HospitalYou should know that medical tourists visit cities like Mumbai, Chennai, and Bangalore every year for the purpose of treatment and cure. Some of the renowned doctors of Bangalore opine that the city has quality healthcare facilities at the most affordable prices. Having said that, we mean people can find the cost of treatment cheaper by 25% – 30% here compared to the same in some Gulf countries or so. However, stringent Indian laws governing the transparency of billing and the hospital care too contribute here. On the whole, the medical tourists and expats here in Bangalore will be in the safe hands when they need treatment and care.

Numerous Clinics and Hospitals

Clinics and HospitalThe City of Bangalore has evolved in medical services over the last 20 years serving millions of patients from around the world. The best part is that this sector is still witnessing growth and attracts a host of medical tourists every year despite having some integral issues such as the lack of direct flights to Bangalore from some of the best-known global cities.

You get to see a number of quality healthcare facilities here such as Sri Jayadeva Institute of Cardiovascular Sciences and Research (that received a letter of appreciation for its low-cost treatment from none other than the 44th President of America Barack Obama), Fortis Healthcare, La Femme (a Fortis group hospital completely dedicated to the women treatment and care), Narayana Hrudalaya, and Vikram Hospital to name a few.

Advanced Technology

Advanced Technology

Advanced technology is increasingly being used at the healthcare facilities in the city with an emphasis on its affordability. This has potentially brought down the cost of critical surgeries as well as the recovery time resulting in higher satisfaction rate among the patients being treated here.

State-of-the-art Infrastructure

AirportBangalore is popularly known as the Silicon Valley of India and also the capital of the state Karnataka. Hence, there has been a sincere effort from the central as well as the state governments to improve the infrastructure facility of the city. The city is now well connected by metro rail, road, and Kempegowda International Airport that alone handled 175,891 flights and 22,187,841 traffic in the year 2016.

Internationally acclaimed doctors

Bangalore has become the home to many doctors of international repute such as Dr. Devi Prasad Shetty (Chairman and Founder of Narayana Health), Dr. Vivekananda S. Jawali (Chairman cum chief cardiothoracic and vascular surgeon of Fortis Hospitals), and Dr. Kodaganur S. Gopinath (surgical oncologist) to name a few here.

Living in a compact luxury home in an ecologically balanced city like Bangalore can be a lifetime opportunity for you. Come and join the bandwagon here!


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THE 4D DISNEYLAND PARK IN KANAKAPURA ROAD - BANGALORETo begin here with the right mindset, you should know that Kanakapura Road is one of the most promising places of luxury living in the state of Karnataka, especially on the southern fringes of the Silicon Valley of India Bangalore. You may be surprised to know that Kanakapura Road has got a rating of 4.3 on a scale of 5 on some of the most renowned real estate review sites. Having said that, we mean there is a great potential of the Kanakapura Road itself to those who prefer to live on the southern fringes of the Bangalore City.

After taking a panoramic view of the areas on both sides of the Kanakapura Road, you will simply fall in love with the place. It has all the modern living amenities as well as the lush greens all-around. Interestingly, it’s just 55 KM away from the City of Bangalore and well connected by the NH 209. Besides, the upcoming 4D Disneyland Park there is promising something larger than life to the people living along the Kanakapura Road. In other words, living on the Kanakapura Road can be a lifetime opportunity to all who aspire to live with all the state-of-the-art amenities of a city life yet in the tranquillity and peace amidst the greens.

Things to Know About the 4D Disneyland Park

4d Disney park kanakapura road

Hilltop Park

The proposed 4D Disneyland Park is coming up on the hillock Vaikunta. It means the park is located in an environment-friendly atmosphere and its picturesque surrounding is natural as if the goodness of life is reverberating all around there. This is indeed a very rare feature in many parts of the world. You can call the 4D Disneyland Park as a natural park that is being adorned further with the touch of the finest technology on earth today.

Spacious Park

The Vaikunta hillock is spread over 28 acres. The construction of the park began way back in 2012 and the park is estimated to complete anytime soon within this fiscal. In other words, the park will soon be open to the public adding values of living there along the Kanakapura Road.

Learning Opportunity on Lord Krishna

Interestingly, Iskcon is developing the 4D Disneyland Park on the Vaikunta hillock and Iskcon bought this hillock in a public auction with an outlay of INR 23 crore a few years back. However, the fact is that the said 4D park is yet to be named officially. But, it is being constructed on the basics of the Disneyland, California and the concept behind the development of the park is to create an awareness on the importance of selfless love that according to the Hindu mythology, Lord Krishna was the torchbearer.

A Special Opportunity for Unwinding

Your longing for the tranquillity and peace in an eco-friendly environment will certainly find a solace here as the park is on the Vaikunta hillock and the place are well within the reach from the posh Bangalore hub. The best part is that housing around the place is being developed in the model of Gokuldham, the place where Lord Krishna spent his childhood and adolescence period. The development cost of the park runs into several crore and according to an estimate, the cost of developing the 4D park based on the life and work of Lord Krishna can go an upward of INR 350 crore. After a day’s hard work or at the end of a week (as may be convenient to you), visit the park with your family and friends and unwind there to your heart’s content.

360-Degree Panoramic View of Bangalore

For a 360-degree panoramic view of the Kanakapura Road as well as the City of Bangalore, you must visit the park. The park offers a unique opportunity for enjoying the scenic beauty of the City Bangalore and its adjoining areas.

You will be happy to know that one of the finest developers of the country HM Group is coming up with the HM Crescendo there that itself is believed to be a marvel of the real estate properties in India, especially in Bangalore.


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How Does Real Estate Create Wealth for you

Much have been talked about the Indian real estate in recent times, especially after the demonetisation of 500 and 1000 currency notes. People, in general, are now concerned about what’s next since the cash payment in real estate used to account for more or less 80% of the total transaction value. But, the reality is that nothing serious is going to hamper the real estate market in India due to this demonetisation. Rather, as pointed out all the leading bankers in India, this demonetisation is going to be proved as a bliss in the long-run though there may be some inconveniences in the short-run.

The current slowdown in the real estate sector started some 2 – 3 years back especially after 2012 – 13 period during which the real estate sector received 70% of the total money spent by the Indians for asset creation. However, the situation has changed since then and according to Liases Foras, a real estate research firm, the next three years will be crucial for the sector to clear the backlog of supplies.RHF_300X250

But, there has been some positive developments as well in the market. For instance, the global fund managers are increasingly taking interest in the Indian real estate sector as the means of long-term investment. The Trump Organization and its increasing interest in this sector in India can be read as a strong signal towards that direction. In short, the absence of the home-grown buyers will be made up by the foreign institutional investors.


Recurring Income through Rent

When you acquire a property with the sole purpose of wealth creation, you certainly have in mind how to generate income out of the same to make up at least a portion of the cost of owning the same. You can find a slew of options to consider here. For instance, you can rent it out to an individual, an organisation, or may choose to rent out every single room as a single unit and thus, can let them out to different tenants.

You know what the type of tenant that you choose to go with can be proved as the potential differentiator to your income from the property. For instance, when you segregate three different units within your one property, you have the choice of letting them out to three individuals and thus, you can earn more. Simultaneously, if you let out your property to a business establishment, you can charge a premium on rent and thus, can potentially increase your income.

Income through Buying and Selling

You buy a property when the market may be down or you feel it just right and then wait for a couple of months or maybe a year. Within the said time frame, you will by default see that the market value of your property has been appreciated and this value appreciation could be somewhere near 40 -50% based on the time of a year and others.

However, there is no magic formula that works here. Instead, it’s the market dynamics that propels the industry growth and pushes the price upward. You have to be a little bit observant on the real estate market and act smart. In short, sell the property when you think the time is right and make money. But, according to the current tax laws of India, you have to pay capital gains tax if sold a property less than the 5-year period.

Net Worth Appreciation

You usually make down payment at the time of property purchase and the rest you pay through mortgage loans. Financial institutions like banks may ask for at least 20% of the total purchase value (including the registration cost of the property) to be paid as down payment.

However, you buy a property on loan and then let it out. You earn rent out of the property that may be sufficient to cover up your EMI (Equated Monthly Installment) or a part of the same. Whichever the case may be with you, you keep appreciating your net worth this way.

Tax Savings

According to the current income tax laws of India, you can claim a tax rebate on your taxable income equivalent to the amount of interest paid on a mortgage loan subject to a cap of INR 1,50,000 p.a. provided you purchase a property for the residential purpose.

In short, the real estate can truly help you create wealth provided you know how to go about the same. Do try your fortune here.  

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Amidst confusions and rumours all around about the bad days ahead for the real estate sector in India, you will be happy to know that global fund managers are increasingly taking interest in the Indian real estate sector. Bangalore and Mumbai are the top cities for foreign investments as claimed in a report.

John Fitzgerals of the ULI (Urban Land Institute, a non-profit research and education organisation having offices in Washington, D.C., London, and Hong Kong), India is on the radar of the fund managers around the world who believe in long-term growth potential. The increased presence of The Trump Organization in the Indian real estate space can be seen as an indication of that direction.

In other words, it construes that India will see an overall growth in the real estate sector as well as in those sectors related to it such as metal and cement. Simultaneously, Bengaluru being the choicest city in India for the real estate investment will reap many benefits of this global investment spree.



fdiBengaluru has been in the news as the popular destination for the BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) and IT companies abroad. Having said this, we mean Bengaluru has long been benefitted from the FDI (Foreign Direct Investment) in the real estate sector besides others. Now, in consequence of the global attention on the Bengaluru real estate market, a few obvious things will be lined up soon such as the following.


coupleSince more and more global investors will now be wooing Bengaluru real estate as their big investment destination in India, development of premium properties are foretold. In fact, the rate of developing such properties will touch a new height and at the same time, opulence will find a new dimension with the Bengaluru real estates. In short, you will get to see much international architectural excellence here and at the same time, a confluence of both Indian and foreign architectural designs that will by default create a new class to be reckoned with respect.


photoThe demonetisation of the Indian high value currency notes has brought about somewhat jerk in the Bengaluru real estate market in sync with the other parts of the country. But, that’s surely not the end of the world. According to the market analysts, the real estate market will overcome this temporary sluggish condition in a short time especially after the drop in real estate prices and the low-interest rates thereby making the low-cost capital available to the people and the institutional investors here. In other words, real estate prices in Bengaluru will soon bounce back and start spiralling.


water-ridesSince more and more global investors are making a beeline for the real estate   properties in Bengaluru,  development of a number of amusement and water parks spread all over the city becomes a necessity. Having said this, the quality of living in Bengaluru will grow manifold in the years to come. This will be yet another avenue for the big ticket investments to the renowned builders of the city.



With the increased global attention on Bengaluru, builders here will be paying more attention to developing ecologically balanced properties. In other words, eco-friendly properties will enamour the skyline of the Bengaluru real estate further taking it to the next level of a world class city.



resorts2Influx of the globe trotters and making Bengaluru as their home will further open up the real estate market for builders for developing resorts and hotels. This will, however, be well complemented by the increased business activity of the city. The people of Bengaluru will experience the world class resorts and hotels coming up further in the city.

In short, Bengaluru will be known as the most happening city in India with a truly cosmopolitan culture to its credit.end-symbol


Why Rely on Experts If Buying Real Estate?

y-relyA real estate by definition means an immovable property consisting of houses and lands. Therefore, investment in real estate sector can majorly be driven by two factors such as housing and an investment opportunity that can be cashed later or can generate a return through rent and others.

The real estate investments in India were unfortunately influenced by the black money (money earned but not shown in the income statement). In fact, the black money in real estate sector was accounting for almost 80% of the total payout. Having said that, we mean only 20% payout was done in white money (i.e., through the recorded transactions) and the rest 80% of the amount on the purchases were paid in cash. Therefore, the black money hoarders were manipulating the demand in the real estate markets in their desperation to make those black money good.

In consequence of the black money rolling in the real estate sector, the prices of the real estate properties in India were soaring. In other words, the circulation of black money actually caused flip-flop in the Indian real estate markets. After the demonetisation of the high value Indian currency notes like 500 and 1000, the real estate market in India has become responsive and the prices have gone downward somewhere near 25 – 30% even in cities like Delhi.

Being a commoner, you may not have access to the accurate information on the real estate properties even in your niche market. Therefore, you need an expert who will assist you in your endeavour to get the best value of your money on a purchase here.



Correct Information

exprt-real-estateWhile hiring the services of a property expert, you can be double sure that the information provided by him/her are correct. Having said that, we mean you can get a clear understanding of the property under consideration. The best part is that an expert plays the role of a mentor and guide to you during the purchase of a real estate property though you reserve the right to say yes or no to a property recommended by a property expert. At the same time, you can ask for a property at an asking price.

For instance, you have a budget of INR 1 crore for a property purchase. So, you have the liberty of asking the expert to propose those properties only to you that fall within the said price bracket on one hand and on the other, you can set your priorities right in terms of amenities at the said property. Now, the expert has to find out your type of the properties and recommend them to you.

Professional Assistance

By engaging an expert, you get innumerable professional assistance from him/her during a property purchase. For instance, you can get online access to many properties that the expert has on his/her roster. Simultaneously, the expert can recommend some properties with relevant details such as HD (High Definition) photographs of the property from different angles, movie clips of the property, measurements, and landmark, if any.

Funding Option

home-loanYou may choose to take a loan against a proposed purchase (which is advisable too since you can put your own money in some other productive pockets such as your business). An expert can help you get that easily as he/she by default has good tie-ups with the financial institutions. However, taking a loan (mortgage loan) can help you get tax relief on your income.

Ease of Ownership

When you hire an expert, you actually buy the peace of mind. After all, an expert is concerned about his/her brand value and reputation that he/she has earned over the years. Therefore, an expert will by default take you through the journey of owning a real estate as comfortable as possible for a lasting impression on you.

Best Deal

This is yet another pleasure of hiring an expert for the job. The expert will present the best deal for your money creating a win-win situation for everyone involved in the process.

However, an expert is the one who has knowledge and resources on subjects bespoke to your need. For instance, you see a doctor when your health starts falling. Similarly, you should rely on experts when buying real estate. To our findings, this works as a stitch in time that saves nine!end-symbol


Modi’s Crackdown on Black Money – How Does The Real Estate Sector Feel?


The whole of India has been reverberating with the PM Modi’s crackdown on black money. The so-called common men, in the majority of the cases, are shaking positively towards the nation building exercise while a handful of them (tentatively the black money hoarders) are crying foul. According to the Liases Foras Real Estate Rating & Research, this handful people constitute 10 – 15% of the real estate market in the South Asian countries. In other words, Modi’s crackdown on black money is surely going to impact the real estate market in India. There is no doubt about it. But, the million dollar question is whether the impact on the real estate will be permanent.

Impact of Black Money on The Real Estate Sector in India

Well, the blow on black money will undoubtedly have an immediate and negative impact on the Indian real estate sector. But, that’s going to be a short-term phenomenon as pointed out by the industry experts like Pankaj Kapoor of Liases Foras and the sector will gain immensely in the long-term once this temporary phase of the blackout is over.

Real estate prices have already begun falling in metro cities by 25 – 30% and the land price is expected to fall by 40% as there will be less number of buyers in the market in the short-term and the market will have sufficient supplies. It means poor growth is projected for the real estate sector for the next 2 years or so which will have a far-reaching effect on the related industries like cement and other building materials.

This bearish condition of the real estate market is, however, to be treated as the phase of correction based on which the future epitome of success will be built up. But, the fall in interest rate coupled with the fall in real estate prices will actually bring a new set of customers to the market. People who until the recent past were skeptical about owning a house would now love to explore the opportunity thrown open by Modi’s blow on black money in view of the low-interest rates and the reduced real estate price. Simultaneously, people with the idle white money would like to explore wealth creation with a limited move or exposure in the real estate sector.

In short, the short-term effect will be detrimental to the industry especially in the case of the premium real estates. However, the industry will take care of itself in the long-run with the incremental pressure of population and the small family concept that has been deeply rooted even in the Indian culture.

To our understanding, Modi’s drive against the black money is going to be a mixed blessing for the real estate sector. Therefore, it’s the high time to be a bit observant before committing any big ticket investment by a developer. However, from an investor’s perspective, this can be a golden time for some wealth creation.

The Future Holds Good

After the initial turmoil, the real estate industry is expected to settle down in a span of 2 – 3 years. After that, the real estate industry is expected to touch a new height with the increased disposable income of the people and more and more people coming under the tax net. It is important to mention here that according to the present income tax rule, interest paid on the loan of a housing property will attract a tax rebate up to INR 1,50,000 p.a. on the total taxable income. Therefore, investing in real estate sector (for those who buy it for his/her own residential purpose) will help people save on income tax.

With the increased disposable income in the hands of the people and per capita income growth of the people of India will push the demand as well as the price of the real estate properties against all the odds of doing business.

What You’ve Got To Know about Buying a Home in 2017?   


Buying a home is completely different from that of buying a costly gift or a car. Actually, buying a home is like a dream come true. After all, you need a place to resign at the end of a day’s hard work and also a cosy nook for the days of your retired life. Therefore, the early you take a resolution to buy a home, the better it would be for your present and the future. For instance, you can avail tax benefit and save money on rent while enjoying the warmth of staying in your own home. On the flip side, you earn security for your future and also create a wealth for yourself out of such a purchase.

If you haven’t planned yet about buying a home in 2017, do it now. We present a couple of thoughts to get you prepared for the purpose.

Key Areas for Buying a Home in 2017

Credit Score

credit-score-650-700Check your credit score at the first place if planning to buy a home in 2017 by taking loans. If you have a credit score anywhere between 300 to 750, chances are high that your loan application will be viewed seriously by the lenders across the markets in India. According to the Credit Bureau of India (CIBIL), out of 100, you stand a score of 79 in favour of the loan approval if your credit score is greater than 750.

Down Payment

down-paymentWhen planning for a home purchase in 2017, you should equally plan for the 20% down payment on an average. Financial institutions like banks do not finance 100% as a mortgage loan. However, this 20% value arrives at taking the registration cost of a property into consideration. In other words, you should be able to pay the 20% of the total amount (the value of a property plus its registration cost). The thumb rule here is that you should make down payment as maximum as possible so that the borrowed capital on your investment is less and so should be the interest payable on it. In the process, you would be able to create more wealth for you in the near future.

Income Tax Filing Proof

dpWhile applying for the loan against property, you must have the income tax filing proof at least for the last two financial years that are immediate from the date of your loan application. For instance, you are applying for a loan as on December 2, 2016, you must be able to provide your income tax (IT) return for the financial year 2014 – 15 and 2015 – 16 ending March 2016. Having said this, we do not mean that no other IT return copy will be sought by the lender. It’s actually the prerogative of the lender with whom you have applied for the property loan.

Finding a Mortgage Lender

mortgageNot every lender will be interested in financing your property. In other words, your loan application may not fulfil the loan criteria of every lender. Hence, it is important to find out a lender in advance who could consider your case favourably and to do this, you need a good credit score and IT return for the last 2 years, to say the least here. Besides, there are some lenders even in your niche market who do not charge loan processing fees.

Update on Interest Rate

arrowinterestratesCheck the prevailing interest rates offered by the different lenders in your niche market. A check in advance on the same can save you from paying up more on the interest alone. Also, check how the lender calculates the interest. Having said this, we mean your lender should ideally levy interest on a reducing balance method which is the prevalent practice of the industry.

Avoid taking a Personal Loan


Don’t take a personal loan for buying a home since the rate of interest on a personal loan is too high compared to the mortgage loan interest.

Augment money

If you are seriously pursuing the idea of buying a home in 2017, we then advise you to stall your holiday plans this year and augment money for the big event of your life. It helps without prejudice.

A well planned purchase of a home in 2017 can actually give you some unique advantages. Therefore, do your homework in advance here to reap the benefit later.


10 Super Creative Ideas that will turn Living Room into a Fantasy Gallery 

mcYour home is very special and close to your heart. You would, therefore, like to decorate it differently, especially the living room area, in such a way that reflects your personality and taste. At the same time, it resonates with love and affection that, in turn, induce a feeling of comfort and security. When you have a living room like that, every day and night become a special day or night for you. After all, it’s the place that you live by every morning and night before resigning on the bed.

You may have done some creative designing on your own for the living room. But, you need to change them from time to time for retaining the same fervour and exuberance of living here. We, therefore, present 10 ideas to make your living room aspiring forever.

Abstract Paintings

apAn abstract painting has a special appeal. You get to know this when you neatly display some of them in your living room. To our findings, abstract paintings in black and white work better in the dim light of the living room. These paintings actually resonate with emotions, feelings, and love for life. When you have some black and white abstract paintings artistically spread over your living area, you create opportunities for complimenting yourself many times a day. However, you must choose paintings carefully and avoid displaying just any of them in your living room that may incite painful or negative thoughts.

Flowery Wall Cover


Flowers have special appeals. You can treat the walls of your living room as a canvas and can draw some flowers that you love most with the plastic paint for longevity. However, the thumb rule here is that you must not overcrowd the walls and make them look shabby. Limit the number of flowers according to the availability of the space on the walls and then, paint. Take an expert’s help here or ask your interior designer to help you on the same. To our experience, a flowery wall has a special appeal that can soothe you in no time.

Multiple Colour Shades

Use multiple colour shades on the walls of your living room that induce vibrancy and positivity. You will be happy to know that multiple colour shades in contrast with the floor and furniture colours of your living room can give you a shot in the arm for a gallery feeling.

Wall Decoration

Use some collections judiciously to make your room look different. For instance, you can display some old movie tickets or posters of your childhood and college days with whom you can connect emotionally well.

Handcraft Display

Handcrafts nicely placed all over your living room bring about a drastic change. But, the secret of succeeding here will largely depend on your choice of the handcrafts and how you place them inside your living room.

Contrasting Wall Colours

Having said this, we mean instead of using a single colour for all the walls of your living room, choose a couple of them. Contrasting wall colours vis-a-vis the colours of the floor and the furniture go well for creating a gallery ambience.

Personal Photographs



You will be pleasantly surprised to discover that personal photographs especially those of your growing years and the college days always have a special place in your heart. Thus, they induce a very warm feeling and appeal when you use them for the decoration of your living room. But, you must avoid crowding the walls or the furniture inside the living room.



Upholstery Change

allignment-furnitureChanging the upholstery can do wonders for you. For instance, if you could draw some starry pictures on the underside of the living room roof using fluorescent colours, you will feel sleeping under the open sky at night. Simultaneously, you can change the curtains and cover of the furniture in the living room on a regular basis for a gallery feeling.

Furniture Alignment Change
Change the alignment of the furniture inside your living room for a change in feeling. It truly works as experienced by the people around the world.

Stuffed Toys

Keep stuffed and soft toys on top of the furniture or on the corner desk of your living room. You will soon start appreciating the feeling of difference.    

You can explore many other creative ideas bespoke to your need. But, avoid replicating stuff that will rob you of the fresh feelings