Compact Luxury Homes for Your Trendy Living! 

Compact Luxury HomesIn the post industrial revolution era, people were made to believe that small was no longer beautiful as it failed to optimise the cost benefit. As a matter of fact, industries around the world were going gung ho on the acquisition and merger spree with a view to achieve the economies of scale on one hand and to gain an edge over the competition in the market on the other. The same trend continues still today with a considerable vigour when industries look for expansion worldwide.

But, do you know downsizing too has helped companies to turn around and clean its’ balance sheets? Google it to get some solid references here. Similarly, with the change in living conditions such as a job transfer or a sudden pay cut, have led people to think innovatively on luxury living without compromising their style and preferences. Having said that, we mean rationalisation of space has been proved to be beneficial and thus, compact luxury homes are coming up in some of the most talked about places like the Kanakapura Road in Karnataka, India in recent times.

Why buy Compact Luxury Homes:Finding stuff easily

If you have grown up reading about the story “Uncle Podger Hangs a Picture” by Jerome K. Jerome, you would know for sure that how uncle Podger faced extreme difficulty managing the everyday stuff as he was palpably living in a big home. In other words, when you are living in a compact luxury home, you by default keep things within an arm’s length, especially those meant for the everyday use. This proves to be increasingly beneficial with your growing age and at the same time, saves some crucial minutes when you are in a real hurry, maybe to catch the next flight to go out of Bangalore!

Easy to clean

Cleanliness is next to godliness. The growing work-life imbalance and the habit of taking junk foods on frequent occasions are taking a huge toll on life, especially to those in marketing, sales, and the IT sector. As a matter of fact, immunity of the people has been declining and they are becoming prone to illness. Therefore, it is extremely important to live in a clean environment that keeps you safe. In other words, when you start living in a compact luxury home, you can clean it easily and stay motivated. After all, it’s your health that matters most for your success in personal as well as professional life.

Innovative living

Unlike the palatial homes, the living space within a compact luxury home has been downsized. But, your basic requirements of living remain the same. How do you manage then? Well, you become innovative in doing stuff within your home. You consult your family, friends, and colleagues or ask an expert for guidance here. In other words, you begin to brainstorm and think out-of-box. In the end, you do every bit that befits your exact requirement in a new way and it doesn’t go unnoticed by your visitors!

Economy of living

Money begets money. In other words, saving the frivolous expenses, you actually increase the value of your money on one hand and secure your future on the other. According to a report “Insights on Wealth and Worth” by Bank of America U.S. Trust, many wealthy individuals in US started to save money as a teenager that helped them become millionaires at a very young age. So, when you reside in a compact luxury home, you actually save cost on many counts such as energy bill, furniture and fixtures, and maintenance to name a few. On the flip side, you also reduce the tax obligation on the property substantially.

Avoid boredom

Living in a compact luxury home helps you get over the boredom as you don’t have to face too many vacant rooms or space within your living area. You can choose 2BHK or 3BHK compact luxury homes for a perfect living without compromising your comfort and style.

Interestingly, some of the best-known real estate companies are coming up with compact luxury homes on Kanakapura Road on the southern fringe of the Bangalore City.

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