Why should you choose Kanakapura as the living destination in Bangalore?

How Choose Kanakapura Destination


            Your home is close to your heart, especially the one that you buy for the first time in life. You dreamt about it many times and perhaps, couldn’t afford it. As you grow in your career, you begin to realise your dreams slowly but with a steadfast resolve. Taking a close look at the issue, we find your decision about a home is governed by a couple of factors such as the convenience of staying at a place, career opportunities, comfort, and the locality. If you are in Bangalore, you will be happy to know that Kanakapura Road offers a unique opportunity to live there.

Key areas of Kanakapura Road

Convenience of living

Kanakapura enjoys a tropical climate all the year round. The yearly average temperature here hovers between 220C to 290 December is the coolest month with an average temperature of 22.50C while April is the hottest month when the mercury soars up to an average of 290C. October is the wettest month while January is the driest month in a year. Compared to the main city and its other adjoining areas, Kanakapura enjoys a freewheeling at the moment with a population density of just 6,536.11 per sq. kilometre as per 2012 census data. All those put together indicates that Kanakapura is a convenient place for living.


landmark-iconIt is 55 KM away from the City of Bangalore while the airport is at a distance of 41 KM. You can reach the airport in just 50 minutes by road. On the flip side, the Bangalore Railway Station is located at a distance of 35 KM from Kanakapura and you can reach the station approximately in 42 minutes. It is on the NH 209, better known as the Bangalore-Coimbatore National Highway. Having said that, we mean connectivity of Kanakapura with other important parts of the Bangalore City is superb.

Hub for development

Kanakapura Road is located to the south of the Bangalore City and it’s actually on the city’s southern fringe. From the Outer Ring Road at Banashankari to Khoday’s factory and from Kanakapura Road to the campus of Art of Living and Harohalli are the two important stretches that have a substantial importance for the next phase of development on the outskirts of Bangalore. In fact, Kanakapura has come to the limelight in view of 4D Disneyland Park based on the life of Lord Krishna but themed around the Disneyland, California on the Vaikunta hillock.

Price advantage

Compared to the City of Bangalore and its other arterial suburban areas, Kanakapura Road still enjoys a privileged real estate price to those who can afford a luxury home. As a matter of fact, investing in real estate properties on the Kanakapura Road can effectively multiply your yield in the near future. It is important to mention here that Bangalore Metropolitan Region Development Authority has included Kanakapura in its Master Plan 2031 for development.

Career prospect

 In the words of Albert Einstein, nothing is fixed on earth other than the death and taxes. Therefore, irrespective of your current job satisfaction, you may wish to pursue better career opportunities in the near future. Kanakapura is just 55 KM away from the Bangalore City, 96 KM from Mysore and only 27 KM from Ramanagar district town. Hence, Kanakapura works as a major transit point to those places and also offers a unique career opportunity to its residents.

Living delight

It is situated on the bank of the River Arkavathi and in the proximity of lush greens. Kanakapura thus offers an eco-friendly living environment that is very rare in many cities/towns in the world. Besides, it has a good number of parks such as the Krishna Rao Park, Bannerghatta National Park, BDA Park, Bilikal Rangaswamy Betta, Chunchi Falls, and Mekedaatu Falls to name a few. The long green patches amidst the wilderness of the hills and the hillocks are just priceless here. Mother Nature has enamoured Kanakapura with its heavenly demeanours. 4D Disneyland Park is another special attraction of this place that is being developed on the life of Lord Krishna and his platonic love on the Vaikunta hillock. One gets many opportunities for outdoor activities in the area such as street shopping with abundant religious and cultural centres like Art of Living International Center and Shankara Foundation among others.





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