Life beyond the 1000 sq. ft. compact luxury homes in Kanakapura Road!

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The four letter word ‘life’ is all powerful though life may simply mean the experience of being alive. In other words, life is the course of existence for a living thing. Therefore, your life isn’t complete within the 1000 sq. ft. area of a compact luxury home in Kanakapura. Maybe you spent your life’s savings to own a place so that you could spend some quality time in the proximity of your family and friends. Having said that, we mean your life isn’t complete without those who care for you. So, when you plan to buy a home, always look for the following attributes.

Transport facility

img2The distance between a property and the nearest airport or the railway station also matters since you would by default need to go out of a city for the business or for a personal travel. Frequent travellers can connect to the observation better. Do choose a home that is well connected by all means such as rail, road, and air. It is important to mention here that Kanakapura is being connected with the metro rail service and it just 45 minutes – 1 hour’s journey to reach the Bangalore Airport or the railway station.

Architectural nuances of the property

Architectural nuances of a building hold the key to its value in terms of living comfort as well as the value appreciation of the same in the near future. For instance, if a property isn’t airy and well lighted, chances are high that you face difficulty to find a buyer in the future. Therefore, do check the architecture of a property before buying. Besides, it is said that Vaastu compliant properties bring fortune and health.

Parks and entertainment places

Chunchy FallsParks and places of interests such as museums, malls and multiplexes, street shopping do play a pivotal role for living at a place. On Kanakapura Road, you will see a lot of opportunities for unwinding at the parks, resorts, eating joints and natural falls like Mekedaatu Falls and Chunchi Falls.

Sporting activities

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. Therefore, the opportunity to hang out at the sporting facilities adds up to the spices of life. These facilities offer a unique opportunity for stress bursting as well as exercising. For instance, it has many sports clubs such as Urban Valley (24×7 adventure sports centre), Super Park Sports, Match Day, V.K. Sports, Action Sports for unwinding.

Clutter free living

Bilikal Rangaswamy BettaClutter free living adds a dimension to one’s life. Everyday din and bustle of a city life take away one’s mental equilibrium. Thus, a clutter free living helps to regain the balance. It allows fantasies to go wild thereby rejuvenates people to youthfulness. You will be happy to know that Kanakapura road is just 36 km away from the Bangalore City and it is surrounded by lush greens, hills, hillocks, and natural falls.

Education facility

Education facility in and around Kanakapura is superb. According to a report in Times of India, nearly 1.8 lakh students across the states come here for higher studies. Even the foreign students come here for studying. Therefore, Kanakapura and its adjoining areas offer world-class learning opportunities in diverse fields such as law, management, humanities, and engineering to name a few. Indian Institutes of Management (IIM), St. Hopkins College, Indian Institute of Science (IISc), Swiss Graduate School of Management, M.S. Ramaiah University of Applied Science, Visvesvaraya Technological University, Manipal University, Symbiosis International University, and ISBR Business School to name a few here. The best part with these institutions is that they provide world-class learning opportunity at a very affordable price and admission isn’t that tough.

Environment-friendly surroundings

eco-fHomes surrounded by greens are environment-friendly. Residing there one can have the proximity to Mother Nature. According to a study of psychology, green colour palpably balances between emotions and heart thereby maintains an equilibrium between the head and heart. Besides, green colour is an emotionally positive colour.

Medical services

Kanakapura has many renowned healthcare clinics and hospitals in the vicinity. For instance, Narayana Hrudalaya, Fortis Healthcare, Sri Jayadeva Institute of Cardiovascular Sciences and Research, and Vikram Hospital.

The compact luxury homes in Bangalore and Kanakapura, in particular, has got a new name with HM Crescendo.

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